Trade in recorded music

Australia’s spending on international music products exceeds our exports – with the majority relating to musical instruments

In 2005-06 Australia spent a total of $239 million on music imports and earned $12.8 million on recorded music exports. Included in this is $1.8 million earned on printed music or manuscript exports in 2005-06.

Table 9- Trade in recorded music 2005-06

Imports ($m)Exports ($m)
Music printed or in manuscript5.21.8
Recorded media for sound78.8-
Pianos and other keyboard stringed musical instruments27.81.8
Other stringed musical instruments26.32.4
Wind musical instruments19.61.1
Other musical instruments24.61.7
Musical instruments, the sound of which is produced, or must be amplified electrically56.74
Total expenditure239.012.8