Competitiveness of Australian musicians

The Australian market favours international artists, to a higher degree than do other markets such as the USA, UK and Canada

International acts dominate the top selling albums in Australia.

Local acts accounted for 30 of the national top 100 albums in 2010, up from 26 in 2009, led by Angus and Julia Stone’s Down the Way at #7. In contrast, local acts account for around 50 percent of the top albums in France, Germany and Japan.

Australia ranks 34th in a list of 48 markets in terms of the proportion of local products in our recorded music market, with just 25 percent of physical products sold originating in Australia. This places us slightly behind our most comparable market, Canada.

The PPCA’s ‘most played’ lists reflect a similar picture – showing an average of 24 Australian recordings in the top 100 between 2005 and 2011 – and just an average of two in the top 10.