Recording industry

Australia is amongst the leading digital music markets internationally

In terms of digital consumption, Australia was the first market in the world where our growth in digital outpaced our fall in physical sales, even prior to the uptake of music streaming subscription services Spotify, Deezer and Rdio.

IFPI estimated the digital music market accounted for 47 percent of Australia’s recorded music sales in 2012 (up from 38 percent in 2011), placing it in 5th position amongst the leading markets in terms of digital uptake internationally.

The IFPI notes a range of factors boosting the digital music sector internationally, including major players expanding their services into new markets, new players entering the market, the emergence of new partnerships, the continued advance of subscription services and ad-supported streams, better monetisation around music videos, positive developments in the legal environment in specific countries and the rapid growth in devices such as smartphones and tablets.