Returns from performance and broadcast

Large numbers of songwriters and composers share in performance royalty distributions

In 2011-12, APRA distributed over $170 million to around 244,623 writers, composers and publishers, for the public performance and communication of musical works. APRA recieved around $22 million in royalty recipets from overseas societies in 2011-12.

The number of works in each annual distribution has been growing over time – with around 726,825 unique works in the 2011-12 distribution.

In 2010-11, APRA collected and distributed over $135 million to writers and publishers. Around 15 percent of this amount ($20 million) was distributed to local songwriters and composers, and 42 percent ($56 million) to local and international publishers.[1]

Looking at local songwriters and composers - a total of 52,000 distributions were made  by APRA in 2010, totalling $20 million. Two discrete biannual distributions were made, meaning some members received two distributions. Most members received small amounts.

There were over 700,000 works represented in the 2010-11 distribution. The rights holders sharing in the distributions are approximately 18 percent local and 72 percent foreign. For example, in 2010 approximately 41,500 local rights holders and 190,500 foreign rights holders were paid distributions by APRA.

[1]   Amounts paid to publisher members are for local works as well as foreign works sub-published in APRA territory