Performing industry

Live music in almost 3,904 hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and nightclubs in 2009-10 generated an estimated 42 million attendances

A 2011 study conducted by Ernst & Young for APRA | AMCOS and the Australia Council indicated that there were over 3,900 licensed live music venues in Australia, including hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes and night clubs

It is estimated that these venues staged approximately 328,000 live performances in the 2009-10 financial year, equating to approximately 6,300 performances per week.

Hotels and bars represented the biggest portion of the venue-based live music sector – estimated to generate over 24 million attendances per year.

Whilst there were only 75 nightclubs, the study estimated they had the highest number of
performances, and the most attendances per performance compared with other venues.

Restaurants and cafes represented the smallest portion of the venue-based live music sector, with fewer performances and average attendances in their 450 venues.

Table 3 - Key metrics of live music venues in Australia

Hotels/ barsClubsRestaurants & cafesNight clubsTotal
Number of live music venues1,9721,407450753,904
Number of venue-based live music performances184,895103,59228,73710,512327,736
Total attendance at venue-based live music performances 24,281,32412,859,0992,136,5852,689,09641,966,104
Average performances per venue94746414084
Average attendance per performance13112474256128
Average attendance per venue12,3139,1394,74835,85510,750