Performing industry

Live music in hotels, clubs and restaurants generated gross revenues of $1.21 billion and contributed around $650 million to the Australian economy

Some licensed venues generate revenue through ticket sales, however most performances are not ticketed. When surveyed about their events, venues indicated the main reason for staging live music was to generate patronage and invigorate other parts of the venue’s business, particularly food and beverage sales.

These venues were estimated to generate total revenues of $1,211.1 million in 2009-10, mostly through food and beverage spending by attendees.

The study estimated that the industry contributed $651.9 million in value to the Australian economy – which is broadly comparable with the sports industry.[1] It also estimated the venue-based live music industry supports employment of approximately 14,866 full time equivalent positions.

[1]   The comparisons made here include figures obtained through different methodologies, and should be treated
with caution.

Table 4: Comparison of value-added by music and similarly sized industries

IndustryValue added ($m)SourceYear of estimate
Film and Video Productions $1,110.7ABS2012
Sports and physical recreation clubs, teams and sports professionals$705.2ABS2006
Venue-based live music industry$651.9E&Y2010
Book Publishers$482.2ABS2004