Creative participation in music by children

Participation in music in the education system may not reflect broader participation rates

A 2005 National Review of School Music Education[1] reported that just 14.6 percent of year 12 students participated in music in 2004 – well below participation in other artforms such as general art/visual art/craft and performing arts/media.

Analysis at that time suggested that growth in music participation had not kept pace with growth in the number of students over time – with the participation rate falling from 16.4 percent in 1991 to 14.6 percent in 2004. Over a similar time period, participation in the performing arts grew from 24 percent in 1992 to 36 percent in 2004.

In NSW, more recent figures suggest that Year 10 music enrolments may be continuing on a downward trend, dropping from over 7,300 in 2010 to below 6,800 in 2010.

[1]   It is difficult to provide a reliable indication of music participation in the education system across Australia – largely due to different approaches to data collection across States and Territories.