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9 in 10 Australians think the arts are an important part of education

Australian attitudes to the arts are increasingly positive with 89 percent of people in agreement that 'The arts should be an important part of the education of every Australian' in 2013.

Over eight in ten agreed that the arts make for a richer and more meaningful life (85 percent) and it is exciting to see new styles and types of art (84 percent), significant increases from 2009.

9 in 10 Australians think Indigenous arts are important

Australian attitudes to the arts are increasingly positive with 92 percent of people in agreement that 'Indigenous arts are an important part of Australia's culture' in 2013. This is up from 89 percent in 2009.

This attitude is also reflected in a growing interest in Indigenous arts with almost a quarter of Australians having a strong interest, a significant increase from 2009, and a further 42 percent of Australians saying their interest in Indigenous arts is growing.

7 in 10 Australians think there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the arts

Australian view the arts as easily accessible, with 72 percent of people in agreement that 'There are plenty of opportunities for me to get involved with the arts' in 2013.

Creative participation has significantly increased from 41 percent in 2009 to 48 percent in 2013. Visual arts and craft was still the most popular artform creatively engaged in and increased to 30 percent, compared to 22 percent in 2009.

96 percent of Australians also believe that people can enjoy both arts and sport.

Half of all international tourists take part in Australia’s cultural activities

Cultural tourism reached a high in 2012 with almost 3 million international tourists and 23 million domestic cultural and heritage tourists.

The 2012 International Visitor Survey showed that 48 percent of all overseas visitors had attended at least one cultural attraction while in Australia. Of these 58 percent had visited an art gallery or museum and 20 percent attended theatre, concerts or other performing arts events.

1 in 3 artists bring their creative skills to other industries

Throsby and Zednik's economic study of professional artists in Australia found that just over one third of artists had at some time used their creative skills in industries outside the arts and most had done so on a paid basis.

More children play a musical instrument than soccer

In 2012, 18 percent of children aged 5 to 14 played a musical instrument compared to 14 percent of children played soccer.

It's hardly surprising then, that young people (aged 15-24 years old) have higher levels of creative participation with the arts than other Australians. Almost two thirds (65 percent) creatively participated in the arts in the previous 12 months, compared to 44 percent for the rest of the population.