Artist Incomes

Artists are versatile and engage in artistic practice outside their principal creative practice

Australian artists are ‘multi-talented’ and engage in a number of creative occupations outside the area of their principal creative practice throughout their career.

The table below shows the variety of work artists have been involved in. For example, although only 17 percent of artists are writers in their principal creative practice, almost 3 in 10 artists have been involved in a writing occupation throughout their career. Similarly, while only 2 percent of artists are composers in their principal practice, 18 percent have done composing or arranging throughout their career.

Figure 28 - Artistic involvement in various arts occupations at any point during artist's career

All artists (%)Actors (%)CACD practitioners (%)Composers (%)Craft practitioners (%)Dancers (%)Musicians (%)Visual artists(%)Writers (%)
Community & cultural development work971006711435
Composing or arranging1898100174125
Musical instrument playing265838138024
Visual Arts3315361145101010014