Artist Incomes

Many artists also apply their creative skills outside the arts

Throsby and Zednik found that just over one in three artists had ever used their artistic skills in some other industry outside the arts.

Of those artists that had used their skills outside the arts, over four in ten have applied their skills in government, social and personal services, while around third have applied them to the wider cultural and related industries and one in ten have applied their skills to the non-cultural industries.

The specific occupations that artists apply their artistic skills to vary based on their creative practice. Of those artists who have applied their creative skills in industries outside the arts:

  • 41 percent of writers have worked as copywriters, editors, journalists
  • 41 percent of visual artists and 39 percent of craft practitioners have worked as designers, drawers, illustrators
  • 31 percent of dancers have worked as fitness instructors
  • 30 percent of actors have worked as a corporate trainer/actor