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Cultural tourists spend twice as much as other tourists, creating important economic impacts

During 2012, Australians took 12 million day trips and 11 million overnight trips involving participation in cultural and heritage activities in Australia.

Overnight cultural and heritage visitors accounted for 15 percent of all overnight trips, and spent a collective 60 million nights at least 40 kilometres from home.

Visiting museums or art galleries was the most popular cultural activity for both domestic overnight visitors (46 percent visiting) and day trippers (38 percent visiting). Attending theatre concerts or other performing arts attracted 20 percent of overnight visitors and 22 percent of day visitors.

Just 2 percent of domestic overnight visitors experience Indigenous art or craft or cultural displays (compared to 19 percent of international visitors), and 2 percent visit an Indigenous site or community (compared to 9 percent of international visitors).

As with international visitors, domestic cultural tourists spend significantly more on their trips than other tourists, creating higher economic impacts. The average amount spent per trip was $1,008 compared with other domestic tourists, who spent on average $611 per trip.

Domestic travellers represent 89 percent of all cultural tourists, with over 20 million visitors in 2012. Across both international and domestic markets, the number of cultural visitors has grown at a rate of 3.7 percent per year since 2000.