Attendance and Engagement

More Australians now attend art galleries and popular music concerts

ABS surveys of attendance at cultural venues and events shows that 26 percent of the Australian population over the age of 15 attended an art gallery during 2009-10, equivalent to 4 million Australians. This was significantly higher than the 23 percent that attended in 2005-06.

Attendance at performing art events has also seen a statistically significant increase in 2009-10 from 50 percent of Australians attending at least one event in 2005-06 to 52 percent attending at least one event in 2009-10. This has largely been driven by attendance at popular music concerts. Three in ten Australians had attended a popular music concert in 2009-10 (30 percent) – a statistically significant increase on the 25 percent attending in 2005-06.

Attendance at classical music concerts, musicals and operas, dance performances and theatre performances has remained stable since 1999.