Indigenous Culture

Most Australians have an interest in Indigenous arts, but not all are experiencing it

Indigenous arts continue to be highly valued by Australians, with 92 percent of Australians agreeing that Indigenous arts are an important part of Australia’s culture in 2013, compared to 89 percent in 2009.

Almost one quarter of Australians have a strong interest in Indigenous arts, while a further 42 percent say their interest is growing.

However, only one quarter of Australians have engaged in Indigenous arts (24 percent), mainly through visual arts & crafts (17 percent), dance (10 percent) and live music (10 percent).

This means 40 percent of Australians have an interest in attending Indigenous arts but had not attended any in the year of the survey.

Further, relative to international tourists, very few domestic visitors and day trippers experience Indigenous arts. In 2009, Tourism Research Australia reported that just 3 percent of domestic overnight visitors experienced Indigenous art or craft or cultural displays, compared with 20 percent of international visitors.