Funding Sustainability

Regularly funded arts organisations produced around 900 new Australian art works in 2012

In 2012, organisations that receive regular funding from the Australia Council produced almost 900 new Australian works for premiere seasons, showings or first time publication.[1]

Most new works are performing arts or cross-artform works, with smaller numbers of visual art works and publishing works of literature.

The trend in number of new Australian works produced by the key and major performing arts organisations supported by Australia Council has varied by artform. Theatre has seen increases in number of new Australian works from 2010 (123) to 2012 (212), while visual arts increased in 2011 (from 131 in 2010 to 233 in 2011) and then declined in 2012 (164). Many other artforms have produced a relatively steady number of new Australian works, except for cross-artform, which has seen a decline in 2012.

[1] Arts organisations data is based on acquittal information and is subject to change based on updated data received from the Key Organisations and MPAs