Funding Sustainability

Since 2010 regularly funded arts organisations have generated around 10 million attendances annually

Arts organisations regularly funded by the Australia Council attracted almost 11 million attendances to exhibitions and performances in Australia in 2012, an increase from the 9 million attendances in 2011.[1] In addition these arts organisations distributed over 2.5 million copies of their publications in 2012.[2]

In 2012, the majority of these attendances were at visual arts events (5.8 million) – an increase on 2011 and reflecting cyclical visitation patterns led by biennial arts events. Of the 4.6 million performing arts attendances, Music and Theatre both saw around 1.9 million attendances in 2012, which was higher than 2011.

The Major Performing Arts organisations generated 77 percent of performing arts attendances in 2012. The remainder of attendances were generated by the 140 Key Organisations.

[1] Arts organisations data is based on acquittal information and is subject to change based on updated data received from the Key Organisations and MPAs

[2] Publications includes books, art publications (publically available), newsletters (excludes membership newsletter), journals (literary, art and industry/sector), magazines(literary, art and industry/sector), catalogues and programs (publically available), sector publications (publically available), other publications (excluding annual reports)